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The best decoration and interior Fit out company

We at Compass Group (the best company for decoration and interior design in Turkey) are the magic wand that will turn your dreams and goals into a reality.

Behind every attractive

room, office, restaurant or apartment there should
be a very good

wood working decor


another golden rule in the world of interior decoration: do not care about what others think; Create a world for yourself that you want to live or work in

fit out and decoration


We are responsible for receiving the project from you completely empty and handing it to you in the best possible way (in its final form) with the key as they say without worrying about the workers, materials and the many details that we care about about you, just get busy imagining the project and give us a picture of your goals and desires and leave the rest to us.


From wood or ceramic floor coverings, ceiling coverings to gypsum decoration, gypsum board, electrical installations, air conditioning, paint, wallpaper, glass, glass partitions, and even the implementation of the furniture itself, whether office furniture or home furniture, with maintenance services.

Commercial fit out

we will design your business or residential place with the perfect experience of our architecture designers

Wood Working

the wood decoration and wood working is one of the most modern decorations models

Custom made furniture

Custom made furniture fabrication especially for you the way you imagine and feel

Decor Implementation

After designing your decoration we will implement and set

all the decoration components to finishings


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